Sometimes I just want to forget
To bury all the hurt and regret
Sometimes I just want to die
Coz I have no tears left to cry

I tried not to think
To hide myself from everything
But I guess it will never work
Maybe I shouldn’t even talk

I lost myself when I gave my all
It emptied me, sucked my soul
Now I stand here all alone
In the solitude where now I’ve grown

If I ask myself why
The answer might be nigh
Coz how do you answer such inquiry
When you are now unclear of reality

I am walking on these empty roads
Taking any path where my feet go
Am I truly that lost,
That I’ve even forgotten my purpose?

I wonder who I was before
Coz I can’t remember anymore
Dazed by the pain and misery
I go in blind, there’s nothing I can see

They say experience is the best teacher
But still the pain didn’t ease up any better
If only I know who I was
Only then I can move on from the past

I accomplished what I set to do
It seems I finally forgot about you
But it came with a heavy price
Something that can’t be seen by eyes

For when I was busy forgetting
I lost who I was, removed my feelings
I gave up my heart, left it there
My whole being void, forgotten and barely

At this point, I’m drifting in the air
I’m so far away, but I don’t care
Coz even if I’ve forgotten us
I might yet find something that’ll last.


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