Dear Rachel,

You probably heard I am Jacob, the deceiver 🤞
I am unworthy, I even cheated my father
I am nothing compared to my brother
Tough, rough and covered with hair 💪
While I just caring flocks for our father 🐑
A Mama’s boy just waiting for a dinner 🍖
And a runaway, a deserter 🏃‍♂️

But One Day I saw You 😍
Flocking sheep same as I do
A woman I longed to pursue
And then I knew I am going to marry you 💍

So I met your dad, and he welcomes me
He hugged and kissed me
I asked for your hands and be marry me
7 years of labor a condition I agree 🎰
I worked and felt like a day when you I see
It is a pure love story 💖
Nothing else, just You and Me 💑

7 years after, the day finally came
The tide’s roar, she’s not the one I named 😱
The turn of events, the deceiver was deceived 🤥
Is this the result of what I sow? And now i reap? 😭 
I want the youngest”, I plead 😤
Then another 7 years, he said

Rachel, finally tomorrow will be our day 😘
There’s more I dreamed than what I want to say
And just like God accepted me, so are you 😇
Let’s make a vow, and forever I’ll be with you. ⛪️ 🎊

Jacob (Israel)


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