In the world full of extras… like extra rice, extra fat, extra income, and a lot more; we normally pick the extras. I guess by nature, we prefer getting more? For example, in a hotel, we normally get the extra shampoo, extra soap, extra towel (?) —right? Com’on! And how about the free taste!? We love to hear the “free taste… free taste kayo dyan!” –Ayt? 😎🍕

As you probably already know, “Extra Mile Award” is given to those people who give more in ministry. An appreciation of faithful service.

Let’s pause here and go back a little bit. ⛔️

Do you still remember the day you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour? Perhaps you are a Christian like me, going to Church every Sunday then go home until it becomes a routine, my comfort zone. But when I decided and responded to God’s Calling to serve again, I left my Sunday comfort zone (business, travels, movies, sleeping, etc.). I pursue serving God and then I found my ultimate satisfaction more than all my desires before. Every minute and every second with Him, regardless of how small I contributed –everything is HUGE for His works and for me as well.

But what does it really mean for “Extra Mile”?

Extra Mile is giving more, serving more. If serving is giving then serve until it hurts you. Let’s be radical serving God! 💪

I will end this by challenging you.. and I won’t explain much the following… and let the Holy Spirit talks to you.

In Matthew 28:19a, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”; it’s a clear command of God to us to Go. If you are in the ministry, already serving God but you felt like it’s a routine then you are in your comfort zone. You are back to your Sunday comfort zone. God is saying “Go!”, go for that Extra Mile. 🚦

And if you haven’t been in a ministry –then you MISSED one of the important parts of being a Christian. But it’s not too late. It’s time to serve! And the time is NOW. ⏰😊 

In this world full of extras, God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things. ❤️

Thank You to all my Pastors, Leaders, my Comms.IT, my Victory Group and to all my new friends. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. #HappyToServe 😊


  1. Grabe ka Axel! 👏👏👏 galing galing. I know we just met. Hahaha. Pero gusto ko lang sabihin na because of what you wrote bigla ko naalala yung passion ko to write. I want to have blogs before kaya lang naging busy… Tapos nabasa ko tong article mo. Ayun na-inspire ako na simulan ulet. Sana matapos ko. Thank you for sharing this part of you. Very authentic and conversant and writing style mo. I like it. Sana makagawa din ako. 😊😊😊👌👌👌


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