Love is just like rain
When it pours, it pours
Love is like the rain
Some want few, some want more

It showers over the dry land
Just like love fills an empty heart
Giving life in ways more than one
A shower of hope, a fresh new start

Love is just like a storm
It will blew you away with its strength
Love is like that storm
That takes away your very breath

It consumes everything in its path
A thing of beauty in its destruction
Laying your heart bare with its wrath
Something good it brings with its creation

Love is like the mist in the morning
It envelops you whole in a gentle caress
Love is a mist in the morning
Refreshing your soul as it clears

It clings to your skin in cool drops
Just how love stays in same measures
Sometimes it chills you, making you stop
But then there is nothing like it, just as pure

Love is like you and me
Different yet the same
Love is just you and me
It is crazy yet it also makes sense

For love is seeing you happy
Sharing your tears, banishing your fears
As love is really you and me
Forever has never been this real.


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