We’re off then we’re on,
We break but go back and return,
You said you love me,
But you go and hurt me,

You make me smile,
Then you make me cry,
You make me whole,
Then you wreck my soul,

I break then I heal,
I was numb and I don’t feel,
Life was rainbows with you,
It can become a storm sometimes, too,

Before I was someone,
A person who can stand,
But now I’ve faded into shadows,
Slowly drowning in my sorrows,

Tell me, was it not enough,
To give you everything? all my love?,
That I lost who I am,
To be with you, wanting to be one?,

Did you forget what I did?,
What I had to do? All those deeds?,
I fought hard to stay,
I did it all for you, every day,

Do you know how it hurts?,
To be distrusted, it was the worst,
To feel like you’re not enough,
By the one you showed your love?,

I stood by you through all those times,
Even when I hurt, I managed to smile,
To prove to you I changed to be better,
I thought you will notice it later,

I was wrong when it didn’t happen,
You still think I was still the same,
My heart can’t bear it anymore,
I have to leave for my heart is sore,

I do love you, even if you don’t see,
It breaks my heart, but it has to be,
For it is better this way,
I’m sorry I can’t stay.


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