I see you, you see me
As I think of things we could be
It might be one-sided only
But I guess it still makes me happy

I smile back as you smile at me
Makes my heart jump and die alternately
It might be just my imagination, maybe
Thought I heard you say, ‘Stay with me’

I laughed at the jokes you told me
As always I find it amusing and funny
It might be just how you treat everybody
But I like how we understand each other perfectly

I enjoyed that one day you spent with me
You told me your story, only to me
It might be just you are sharing sincerely
But it made me think you now feel something for me

I was ecstatic you spend days with me
As the days passed though I noticed you acting strangely
It might be you adjusting to me
But why did it become a habit suddenly?

I worried as things started to go badly
You become disinterested and ignored me completely
It might just me being annoying and clingy
But who is that girl you have instead of me?

I watched as you passed by me
Feels like you were acting distantly
It might be nothing to worry
Then my heart sank as you whispered ‘Im sorry’

I fought the tears as you moved on from me
It was confusing, I can’t think properly
It might as well be a scene in a tragedy
The way my heart breaks wishing you had loved me

I didn’t see you stop to look back at me
I walked away, my heart scattered around me
It might be my mind playing tricks on me
When I heard you shout my name as I saw a light blinding me

I opened my eyes, feeling light and somewhat free
It was weird, what happened to me?
It might be just a dream probably
But it feels scarily real to me

I began to write it again in my diary
About the dream and how it feels to me
It might be the effect of a silly fantasy
But it was more than that, I’m sure it was a memory.


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