I see you, you see me
Suddenly I feel free;
Or is it a substitute for empty?
She didn’t even remember me?

She smiled and I smiled back
While memories scrambled back
Drowning myself out of track
Again and again.. I whispered ‘comeback’

I want to start again,
‘In the Beginning..’
Tell you fairy tales and happy endings
Until you picked up something

But fear, fear hunts me down
Fear of doing stupid things again
Fear of more, more of you around
And again, and again.. And again…

I stay close while bleeding
Jealous, broken down by known reason
I did, I tried, but kept on failing
I failed to keep myself away, became undone

As days and nights moved on
I came braver and immune
The thought of leaving, it is better to be soon
I’m sure this feeling is just another season

This is another stupidity of me
But I hope you see the similarity
You gave up and this might also will be
Let me end this time, and be free.


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