Another morning, another day
My mind keeps going back
Where will my destiny lay
With my heart seemingly off track

I found myself looking far away
Lost in the bubble of a daydream
Do I move on or do I stay?
My life now isn’t the same

The cool air makes me nostalgic
For what, I have no idea, I’m not sure
Trying to stop my growing panic
As my feet direct me to the cure

It could be a joke or maybe fate
My heart stopped at the familiar face
Time halted just like my heart beat
It’s the face that haunted me for days

There I was standing paralyzed
On the sidewalk as I watch him come closer
My heart sang, my soul mesmerized
We passed side by side, heart beating faster

Our eyes met for a brief second
Unknowingly waiting for recognition
There was a bit of a bond
It flared, but died quickly, is it rejection?

I stopped where I was, hurt and confused
Why do I feel for a complete stranger?
It is as if a deja vu just occurred
As he walked away, I became sadder

I want to understand these feelings
So I decided to follow my familiar stranger
I did my best to ignore the warnings
Something tells me things won’t turn better

This stranger stopped after a while
I was shocked as we came to face to face
You showed me your loving smile
Taken aback, I walked towards you in a daze

I was about to talk when you blinked
You were back to a stranger, confused
It was a bad feeling, I feel like I’m going to sink
I don’t want to believe it, I refused

We stared at each other for a long time
I want to tell you I know you
But then you committed a crime
As you went and asked, “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”


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