How much I wanted to tell you, I am already missing you
How much I wanted to tell you that all of these are true
Yes! This is real and I do!
I do cherish you!

(a deep breath)

Tonight was yet another night with scattered thunders
A one last write about love, faith and to surrender
It took me a while to learn the word “I Miss You
Though it’s not me to admit, but dang!
I do really miss you!

I miss her laugh and how I make joke for her
I miss her eyebrows and how she draws out there
I miss everything, everything about her
Like a tide of hopes of seeing her again

But when all of these feelings become a pain
And all of these unanswered questions become vain
Only her last words, were the last thing remains
It’s better if we could not see each other again

There! My world collapsed like a war that was already decided
I lost the fight even before it was started
So tell me, how can a man pursue
If she is looking for a man with respect as a cue?

Finally, I’ve thrown my words all around
For one last time reaching you, hoping to be found
Girl, if it’s alright, let’s have another bite
I’m (still) holding on, I’m always free at night


It was a rainy Wednesday night
Where she wears a pair of Jordan shoes in white.


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