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Time Skip: Pause (Luna)

Another morning, another day My mind keeps going back Where will my destiny lay With my heart seemingly off track I found myself looking far away Lost in the bubble of a daydream Do I move on...

Time Skip: Rewind (Aster)

I see you, you see me Suddenly I feel free; Or is it a substitute for empty? She didn't even remember me? She smiled and I smiled back While memories scrambled back Drowning myself out of track Again...

Time Skip: Rewind (Luna)

I see you, you see me As I think of things we could be It might be one-sided only But I guess it still makes me happy I smile back as you smile at me Makes...

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I just want to forget To bury all the hurt and regret Sometimes I just want to die Coz I have no tears left to cry I tried not to think To hide myself from...

Strangers Thing

A piece of paper to write a story An ink to print each words we carry We moved to pages by pages Age by age, we grew by stages Until a new page comes And an...

Heart for Sale

A strong heart is one that smiles through the tears One that says will give up yet kept going One with bruises, but still help others A strong heart is one that loves without...

Melancholic Musings

I watch you watching me I wonder what do you see To look at me that intensely As if peering at my soul inside me I look at you with fondness Just seeing you fills me...

Water for Roots

Love is just like rain When it pours, it pours Love is like the rain Some want few, some want more It showers over the dry land Just like love fills an empty heart Giving life in...

I Knew

I'm in love when everything is like magic When we watched that movie together Loved it even if it's all tragic Love is when I miss you, When we tried our best to see each...


We're off then we're on, We break but go back and return, You said you love me, But you go and hurt me, You make me smile, Then you make me cry, You make me whole, Then you...


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