(A “13 Reasons Why” Tribute)

Dear Diary,

The days feel like years
Each moment recreating herself
But only comes out good in tears
Not after thousand times by myself

Maybe I’m blinded by the light
Of the moon, stars and sun
Deaf by these stony silence
From everything she has done

I guess people do really change
Change for us to learn to let go
Because I can love you
But I can also let you go

I count each step I walked away
And the pain with it and always be
Yet I know it’s there
Like her sorry soothes me

But today is different
Our roof is on fire
I’m tired of your other secrets
For whom what you desire?

Another day, another night
Should I choose to be happy or not?
Tell me it’s me then hold me tight
For this is my only reason why I cannot.

Your writer


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