When I was a little boy, I loved fairy tales
They were made of colors and dreams
The world is bright and the good always prevails
Life is as easy, perfect and happy as it seems

I was convinced it would always be that way
Even when I grow up in the future
That fairy tales and dreams do come true someday
That the hearts, my heart will remain pure

Fast forward and here I am thinking
Wondering when I started to lose myself
Began to lose my faith, direction, everything
Light turned darker the deeper within me, I delve

Was it me who wanted this?
Or was I influenced by the corrupted world?
Is there any hope for peace?
Or will our hearts remain stone cold?

I feel hopeless in the midst of my surroundings
What can a nobody like me do?
There must be a purpose, but I’ve no understanding
Nothing, I tried my best I would like think so

Why am I here in this world anyway?
To watch the world burn and die slowly?
I can’t see my path clearly since there is no way
Was I too blind not to see?

I decided to hide from this life
Hoping that maybe things will work on their own
I believed it was the best at that time
I have never felt so down

No matter where I look was despair
How can one live through it?
People go on without a care
Where does life or love, in all of this, fit?

I sighed, staring blankly at my wall
Bored I picked a random book
The sadness taking its toll
I began reading and my hands shook

The book reads something like this:
‘Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves’
I felt its message as I felt my tears
But how do I know I’ve found myself?

I stopped thinking to let my heart give a reason
Life is meant to be like this I realized
For everything and everyone have their own purpose
It was up to us to discover so we could be wiser

When we get lost, we get time to reflect
Who we are, what we want to be
We realize that life isn’t made to be perfect
Perfection won’t make us happy if only we could see

If life isn’t worth living
And you felt worthless
Then go on and make something
Something for yourself, be fearless

We might feel we can’t make this world a better place
But remember, we should make ourselves better first
We might get lost along the way without a familiar face
But who said you can’t use a map to navigate the way at least?


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