I’m in love when everything is like magic
When we watched that movie together
Loved it even if it’s all tragic

Love is when I miss you,
When we tried our best to see each other
And we don’t care if we get bothered

Love wasn’t afraid to ride a bike with me
And so I was with you
Love is when we both start to grow

Your voice, your hair and eyes
I stared at them
I wasn’t aware about the surprise then

Love is like a bubble gum we chew
It’s good at the start
But when reality came, everything blew

Love stays for years
And then you reappeared
But you are already someone else’s

Love comes when you are ready
I am -Are you?
Say it while everything seems steady

I stayed, hoped and met pain
I asked you; You said – If Only
You aren’t sure, that’s all I gain

Maybe Love is when you are off guard
When expectation versus reality
When the day comes you left with no regards

My door was open for years
Until one day, you arrived in despair
Broken meets broken, we cuddled in tears


Love is when you feel left out
With Silence and brokenness
And all you can do is to scream out

Leaving is not only by words
When everything is not like before
You left me from behind the door

Stop writing, Stop posting
For once listen to me
And hear my heart aching

You are the best thing that happened to me
Let me say this: I Love You
And that’s the reason I need to leave you.


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