I’m Axel Mikhael Bryan Agad Casauran, and I want to be a Scientist someday!

That was my kindergarten graduation short speech/battlecry that shocked my entire batchmates (as per my Mom HAHA). Then when I was in grade school, I wanted to be an Astronaut, in a spaceship, walking on the moon, etc., but when I was in high school, I learned that it’s (kinda) impossible; so I dreamed to be a Pilot. But when I was about to enroll for aeronautics, for some reasons; plane crash is often in the news, so my family discouraged me.

Fast forward, so here I am now, not on the moon nor in the skies but on the web. Well, at least they have similarity, right? The “Space” (HAHAHA!) I know it sounds funny! And how crazy my dreams fall from the Moon to Sky to the Office Cubicle! I know! 😂

But here’s the thing…

Yaz! I didn’t become the scientist that I dreamed to be but somehow I am working like one, I invented software, tools, and apps for daily use and stuff. And Yes! I didn’t become a pilot, but my career makes me travel to the US for 9 times –all for free — traveling from country to country, and to places where I want to be.

You see, I believe I am in the place exactly where I needed to be. Maybe not the “best” place you can think of but I believe the “right” place, the place where I called to be.

You know, sometimes in our Christian life, we also encounter uncertainty. Uncertainty in our Prayers or perhaps even in our Faith. The familiar “Gusto ko bumait pero hindi ko magawa” lines, that sin that we keep on doing. Maybe in our work, we felt like we are stuck in your job and we are praying for breakthroughs but still nothing happens. Or maybe someone hurt us and we felt like it’s hard to move on. And in our desperate times, we ask God “Why?“.

One thing I’ve learned, that it’s hard to follow Christ if we keep on looking back. And sometimes we cannot understand the “Whys” because sometimes God won’t reveal the truth if we didn’t move toward Him.

Faith without work is dead” but sometimes we focus too much on “work” (our own effort) that we forget the “Faith“. Why? Because we think we’re so good, so smart, and too much experience that we felt like we can do everything, but little thing we know, it rotten our Faith.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.” – Mark 8:36

This is where it ends.

When I was already working, I dreamed to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, so I built a social network website, twice. I guess I was too motivated or distracted (maybe) by Will Smith (pursuit of happiness) “Don’t ever let somebody tell you. You can’t do something. Not even me.” and that “You got a dream… You gotta protect it.”; you probably too. But again, it didn’t turn up well, and maybe because He has a different plan, or maybe my dreams weren’t BIG enough for Him.

You see, when I follow Christ, I abandoned my selfish dreams, and in the process, I found my purpose. I might not have a position like a CEO for myself now, but I Honor God with my God-given skills and talents. And I might not making billions, but rather Making Disciples. You see, it’s the same thing with my “Scientist” and turns out scientist as a Programmer. The same thing here, as I now called to serve.

“Follow Christ and your dreams will follow.”

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:5

PS: Dear Reader, I do hope after reading this you’ll find Trusting God rather than yourself. And I hope you find purpose of the season you are right now. Remember, each season have their own purpose. 😊

So what season you are right now? (comment below)


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