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I made this short so you won’t get bored. HAHA!

This is the part #1 of my “Faith Journey” series. I hope after reading this you will learn something, inspired and have time to reflect. The picture is me doing the Worship Giving part of the service (December 16, 2018 | 1pm and 3pm service).

Let’s start from where it all began.
Shall we?

I grew up attending Sunday Schools, from Maranatha church which most of the time I only play around with my brother (com’on! Were kids! I’m not even studying that time!) to Baptist Church where I spent my childhood years. From Sunday Schools to VBS to outdoor activities like going somewhere studying the Word of God at the plaza, basketball court, and even at the seaside. I grew up believing that everyone around me is nice and good.

I’ll save some of my background to my next post.
Let’s get to the point.

The Preparation:

I still remember every time before the service ends, we (my siblings) will line-up in front of the church to update everyone what we did in our Sunday class. My siblings will lead our songs, our verse of the day, the attendance and –guess what –I usually assigned at giving –why not? That’s the easiest part to memorize right? HAHAHA!

From childhood to adolescence years, to teens, up to as a working guy, I NEVER EVER THOUGHT I WILL DO IT AGAIN! 😱

The Struggle:

Last May, I invested in a business and it’s a lot of money involved that I struggled with my finances afterward. To make it worst, our old car needs to be replaced, so we bought one. (oh! yeah! I’m almost broke!) And Yes! I’m guilty! That even my tithes were compromised. But still, God is good! His grace is something my human brain can’t fathom.

Last November; my birthday, someone just taps me hard. He spoke about giving, out of nowhere. It’s like he knows my struggle –mind-blowing! I knew that moment it was God dealing with me.

And that’s my turning point. What a Gift! HAHA! 🎁

The Healing:

Alright! We are getting closer.

Saturday a week before, I’m having SSHL (Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss). I woke up only 10% of my left ear can hear –I’m freaking worried. It’s hard to talk, to balance and even work. Thursday after few days of surviving, I decided to go to the hospital (I’m giving up). Just to make the story short –the process went great and I was healed. Then just a few hours after that, a churchmate of mine ask me (No! Told me) to do the giving on Sunday.

I laughed hard! (even right now!!) –not because I was surprised, but isn’t it God is Good? and His timing is always perfect? How can I even say “No” if I was already healed?

Think of this –if that didn’t happen, I might say “No.” –if I wasn’t healed, surely I will say “No!“. So everything was orchestrated for me to do it. AND THAT IS HOW SWEET MY GOD IS! (kinilig tlga ako!! suubra!! HAHAHA)

Okay, I’m done with the intro.
So what’s my point here?

#1 (The Preparation) – I don’t know about you and probably your background is way different from mine, but I am sure that somewhere and somehow you asked yourself or wonder about your purpose in life. Perhaps you are tired right now, doing stuff, this and that; but still, you felt that emptiness in your heart. You see, Jesus Loves You. And whatever you’ve been through, the pain and the hardships you are right now –Let me tell you this —YOU ARE MADE WITH A PURPOSE, STOP STRUGGLING! LET GO and LET GOD DO THE REST.

Just as how God prepared me for 20 years in giving —HE CAN DO IT TO YOU ALSO, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE!

#2 (The Struggle) – We have our own struggle in life. If you are struggling in Studies, Business, Finances, Family, and Relationships; I’m tapping your back now! “Hey! It’s time to deal with it!“. How? Start in obeying God and be faithful to His commands. START NOW.

#3 (The Healing) – Okay! This is too much to explain, but this is the point. God is God even when He says “No”, when He “closed the door”, and even when we struggle in our own episodes. God is God, even the answer to our prayers are not what we expected. And that is my GOD, I see Him in my Ups and Downs, He is my “open door”, the “view on the mountain tops” that I enjoy, the calmness after the storm, and my “kilig moments”. 💖  (I sound poetic here hehe)

His Love and Grace are too much that no one can’t be reached and be healed. (Ang Kanyang Pag-ibig at Biyaya ay labis, na walang sinuman ang hindi maaaring maabot at mapagaling).
Find time to reflect (ask yourself), have an intimate relationship with Him; start by talking to Him more, meditate (read) His words and be expectant.

Here’s The Last Point.

The title “When You Give” is not only about the tithes, not only about what I did and my stories, but above all this is about JESUS CHRIST and WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE TO HIM.


PS: sharing this doesn’t mean I am comfortable standing in front of the crowd. To be honest, I feel awkward with my voice and how I stustu-stutter. Everything I did is by His Grace and for Him Alone.

Offer right sacrifices, and put your trust in the LORD.” – Psalm 4:5
(this is the verse of that Sunday service)



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