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You slept in my shoulder in a way too awkward for some. Yet so beautiful for me to overcome. 🐘
How much I wanted to tell you, I am already missing youHow much I wanted to tell you that all of these are trueYes! This is real and I do!I do cherish you! (a deep breath) Tonight was yet another night with scattered thundersA one last write about love, faith and...
It was a night with scattered thundersTwo lost souls bound each otherOne, in the quest of unsure self preservationThe other is in denial between what if and sensation Two lost souls in two different worldsCrossed in same path yet trapped in different roadTossed with questions and laughtersNever ending truths for knowing each other
Dear Rachel, You probably heard I am Jacob, the deceiver 🤞 I am unworthy, I even cheated my father I am nothing compared to my brother Tough, rough and covered with hair 💪 While I just caring flocks for our father 🐑 A Mama’s boy just waiting for a dinner 🍖 And a runaway, a deserter 🏃‍♂️ But One Day I saw You 😍 Flocking sheep same as I do A woman I longed to...
In the galaxy far, far away Where waves come and go astray Where the stars meet the seas There, a gathering of some kind of decree One day, the host gathers everyone A Magikarp competition, a yearly fun All men carry their best fishing rod Excited, not me, I have never been in pod The event ended without me getting any So I ask the host "What's the...
When I was a little boy, I loved fairy tales They were made of colors and dreams The world is bright and the good always prevails Life is as easy, perfect and happy as it seems I was convinced it would always be that way Even when I grow up in the future That fairy tales and dreams do come true someday That the hearts, my...


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You slept in my shoulder in a way too awkward for some. Yet so beautiful for me to overcome. 🐘


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