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Her eyes reflect courage. Her soul reflects innocence. I lost between Her smile.
Would this really be a coincidence?Fate or just another victim of innocence?This world sometimes doesn't make sense Let's "Be Guarded"By you getting hurt, Or by me, taking chances.
Dear Diary, Love is (still) in the airSurely, you can find it anywhereOr perhaps let's catch it somewhereAs long as you 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙞𝙩Then let's start our story, right here! I do hope your weren't moved by emotionsThe worst is by looks and some sort of infatuationsYou see Girl..You aren’t the only one...

Miss January

I will keep our unaware memories, life's sepia and the unforgettable autographs I will hoard my desperate entreaties, and listen to her silent photographs The pain is a new stranger, and my silence limbers longer to remember Until then.Your secrets I won't tell.


Have you ever asked yourself if angels are real? Or asked a beggar to give you his meal? This twisted world matter's what they feel Regardless which wheel to live or to kill But don't lose hope, have F A I T H Look up and be strong, get up and keep moving forward Because there is more greater beyond what you think is real Beyond...
(A "13 Reasons Why" Tribute) Dear Diary, The days feel like years Each moment recreating herself But only comes out good in tears Not after thousand times by myself Maybe I'm blinded by the light Of the moon, stars and sun Deaf by these stony silence From everything she has done I guess people do really change Change for us to learn to let go Because I can love you But I...

Love Letter

Love is a pen without inks It keeps writing at all Paper, wood, rock or stones It reaches utmost soul A bliss that erased everyone Misspell is a new pain Juggling words of memories Pages of broken chain I’ve read this so many times Memorized each stroke New pages, new chapters, new start Start from, unspoken word.


I always find myself Fascinated by her grace The way she moves The way she carries her dresses Her smirk and laughs Her voice and smiles The what she is What captured my old lost soul And the idea of us The what ifs Nah! Wake up myself You knew this! Pain is what it is.
Another morning, another day My mind keeps going back Where will my destiny lay With my heart seemingly off track I found myself looking far away Lost in the bubble of a daydream Do I move on or do I stay? My life now isn't the same The cool air makes me nostalgic For what, I have no idea, I'm not sure Trying to stop my growing panic As my...
I see you, you see me Suddenly I feel free; Or is it a substitute for empty? She didn't even remember me? She smiled and I smiled back While memories scrambled back Drowning myself out of track Again and again.. I whispered 'comeback' I want to start again, 'In the Beginning..' Tell you fairy tales and happy endings Until you picked up something But fear, fear hunts me down Fear of doing...


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