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May 14, 2021
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I only had 3 hours sleep last night. Went to the Empower 2020 event early and got back home after lunch. I tried to sleep to rest but I can’t, it feels like my mind and my heart are having a celebration somewhere (talking about being Empowered); so I grab my laptop, brewed a coffee and now...
From K2 Anong latest chismis ang nasagap mo sa opis?Sino magreResign sa January 😂Sinong bossy sa opis? At paano mo nasabi?Cge ako na HAHA loko toh!Sinong magreresign this year hanggang april?(clue) 3-4 Dev at 2-3 QCSinong bida bida sa opis? Si Axel bida-bida tlga un HAHAHA *last mo na toh!Kuntento ka ba sa sahod...
This all started when my officemate suddenly opened up his 3 week old relationship problems with his girlfriend. After giving some practical relationship advice, I asked myself, "how many more single guys out there having these struggles". The next day, I wrote down the following while waiting for a bus.

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I was so excited to go home to give some treats to our dogs today, because I know they will love it especially the new toy. So when I arrived home, I played with them (the ampon dogs) I gave them treats and stuff. Later on, I decided to bring them back to their rooms (wow rooms!...

A Grade 7 Love Story

The following is based on a true story, happened last July 09, 2016 in Labo, Camarines Norte; one of a Medical Missions I attended. This post was originally written in draft last July 13 to August 01, 2016. Since then, it mystifies me of what really happened that day to the point of not continuing writing the...
"I'm Axel Mikhael Bryan Agad Casauran, and I want to be a Scientist someday!" That was my kindergarten graduation short speech/battlecry that shocked my entire batchmates (as per my Mom HAHA). Then when I was in grade school, I wanted to be an Astronaut, in a spaceship, walking on the moon, etc., but...
Oh! Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you decided to read this. I made this short so you won't get bored. HAHA!This is the part #1 of my “Faith Journey” series. I hope after reading this you will learn something, inspired and have time to reflect. The picture is me doing the Worship Giving part of...
In the world full of extras... like extra rice, extra fat, extra income, and a lot more; we normally pick the extras. I guess by nature, we prefer getting more? For example, in a hotel, we normally get the extra shampoo, extra soap, extra towel (?) ---right? Com'on! And how about the free taste!? We love to hear the “free taste... free taste kayo dyan!” --Ayt? 😎🍕 As you probably already know,...

Camp Wagi: Table Talks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDhw9BiiN-Q Camp Wagi 2018 - Table Talks on Biblical Identity
For my old and new readers and friends, this is me in less than a hundred. WHAT WAS YOUR: 1. Last beverage = Coffee 2. Last phone call = Citi Bank Agent 3. Last chat message = J.V 4. Last song you listened to = 'Steady My Heart' by Kari Jobe 5. Last time you cried = Did I? 😋 HAVE YOU EVER: 6. Dated someone twice =...


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