We were like halves of a whole
Cannot go without the other
We were part of each other’s soul
We make each other better

Like in every dream, we got nightmares
What we thought couldn’t be, finally happens
We drifted apart as if we didn’t care
I didn’t expect it, but it was so sudden

Smiles turned to frowns
Laughter became screams
From up so high we fell down
Our friendship once so bright, now dims

I lost you for Years until I saw you again today
Brings back memories, you don’t look the same
I thought you’ve already forgotten me until I hear you say,
‘Hey. It’s me. How have you been?’

Time stopped for the both us as we catch up
It felt like that we went back in time
I wondered if it was because we grew up
That we understood more things now about life

For a moment I thought I was dreaming
To be finally reconnected with someone I lost
It was so much more and everything
I’ll give anything, no matter what the cost

Because when I was down you took my hand
Helped me to my feet so I can stand
You were there when no else can
You know me and you understand

I was there to ease your pain
To face your sorrows and your fears
I swear I will do it again
In the past, tomorrow, whenever

Then it was time to go home
And we both turned to go
But not until we swore
‘I’ll see you tomorrow too’

Bearing in my heart a lighter load
I walked smiling brightly
People staring at me in this busy road
But I didn’t care as I grinned stupidly

Coz what I once lost was finally found
A friend you have on me as I in you
With our feet firmly in the ground
It was the start of something new

If someone would ask me why I held on
That I should’ve just let it end
I will point you to them as I look on
I will tell them because you are my friend.


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