About Me

Entrepreneur / Programmer / Photographer / Poetic / A Servant


“An organism that turns caffeine into a software”

I’m a developer of various platforms: software, web, mobile and now virtual reality. I also have a sense of humor contrary to the stereotypes [hahaha]. I’m a Senior Application Developer and I work alongside with our company’s COO. You can say I’m hardworking, critical-thinker, punctual, a typical guy.

I’m the guy behind www.boopols.com (2011-2013) and www.friendsavenue.com (2013-July 2015) — if you’ve heard of those. Creating application is one of my hobbies and interest [I try to be productive always]. Programming is my language, Codes are my words, Algorithm is my action.


“Photography is about capturing souls not smiles”

I fell in love with photography, thanks to my friends who shared this new world to me. So here I am, a newbie yet with a burning passion. My artistic skills in Photoshop, Lightroom and 3D stuff perfectly blend with my new found passion.

That being said, it is now added to my list of hobbies. I’m pretty sure that in time, I’ll be more skilled in this aspect which will enable me to use it in more ways than one.


“If you cannot be the poet, be the poem”

“Axel’s Diaries” is my renowned poem collection. I have been writing poems since late high school, most of them are about Love and Hatred. Life happened, that’s why. Writing has been my outlet and comfort especially during those times I need to express myself [I sound so serious here].

I want to share my thoughts through my poems to others. I’m also hoping it might help the readers in a sense they can relate to the written pieces. The aim will be to provide insight and enjoyment to the readers in this site.


So what about this site?

This site is all about my Passion – My love for GOD and for my country. I believe all of us have their own purpose in life. As for me, this is just part of it. Maybe you don’t know your “purpose” yet but you will in due time.

This site was dedicated to express and inspire others through my works in photography, blog, and poetry. With the use of my God-given talents, I am hoping to share them to you, expecting that it might move you to pay it forward, to inspire others, to help them realize their own purposes.

How does that sound? Great, right?
Then let me ask you this: “What is your purpose?” Yes, I’m asking YOU!

What’s your purpose in life?