The following is based on a true story, happened last July 09, 2016 in Labo, Camarines Norte; one of a Medical Missions I attended. This post was originally written in draft last July 13 to August 01, 2016. Since then, it mystifies me of what really happened that day to the point of not continuing writing the story.

Note: I intended not to edit the following except for the few typo errors to preserve the authenticity of the story and my writings.

It Begins Here

Vivian, Shane, Donna, (unknown)

Vivian’s first love was on her grade 6 but only last for a few months. She’s now with her second one month old boyfriend. While Shane, her best friend didn’t share the same belief. For her, there’s no good with having boyfriend in their age.

The following stories are about Vivian having a boyfriend and the struggle of her best friend Shane. But I’ll tell you abrupt this is more than just their love story.

I was sitting at the top of stair blocks while looking at the birds chirping in front of me. It was a bittersweet, for me. Unnoticed, Vivian and Shane sit a meter beside me. And I asked them.

Baket hindi kayo nakapila?
(pila ng mga studyante na bibigyan ng school supplies)

Wala po kami sa listahan“, they answered.

Suddenly I felt their sadness and disappointments, and I need to do something. Vivian started asking me “Baket ka po nag-iisa?”, “Baket ka po maputi?”.

My craziness started again, so I dropped my the famous question “Tingin mo ilang taon na ako?” and they started to guess.


Inside me laughing “Not again“. *wink wink*
And I asked again “Naka ilang girlfriend na ako?

Vivian – “5
Shane – “Madaming madami

I laughed hard, and I told them ZERO like Coke Zero. Well, of course no one believes me.

Shane told me that Vivian had 2 boyfriends already. First in grade 6 which Vivian insist it was just a puppy love; the second one is her current boyfriend. She pointed the guy afar and almost mock him. Vivian told me that they we’re told by their teachers; “Kung maganda ka, humanap ka ng pangit para balance..“; “Kaya pangit yang boyfriend nya kuya“, Shane added.

I almost instantly shocked how they view “relationship” these days, but it didn’t stop there. Vivian showed me her “Cuts” in her arm, mixed with fresh and almost healed cuts; I was like “OH MY..”, I asked her what happened but she just smiled back. But Shane speaks-up about the cuts and it left me puzzled; but I need to say something “Oh! Yes! I have too!”. (birthmark but looks like a cut on top of my pulse)

A silence breaks our conversation when I start to tell them my so called “Love Story” (not so love story).

Then Vivian asked, “Sino dyan kuya?”; “Ung pinakamaganda xempre!”, Shane added. Then I laugh hard again.

“Pag-Pray mo nalang kuya..”, Shane said. I didn’t expect that but I realize almost instantly it is an opportunity to share “Jesus“. And so I started to ask them about their prayers and their families, etc.

Like what I’ve said above, this is more than just their love story. Let me start by asking you “How’s your love story?”.

Minutes before I sat down at that stair blocks, I was talking to a nurse. She said when you love someone it should be more likely 70%, you need to keep the 30% for yourself so when everything didn’t work well you can still have you, the 30%. Not getting attached 100% is easier and safer. I asked her, I thought the more you attached to someone the more risk, and the more the risk the more you will feel in love? “It didn’t work that way..”, she added.

A week ago upon writing this, a nurse from Shinagawa Makati told me that it doesn’t matter how long your relationship is, it doesn’t work that way. She started to share her friends in 12 years in relationship but didn’t end up together. A 6 year relationship broke-up after got married. I asked her “Your current boyfriend, is he the one?”, “I don’t know..” she replied. “Why are you in a relationship that you aren’t sure about what you feel? You are just wasting your time” I added.

And Ends Here

So what really happened that day?

A week before the Medical Mission, I was troubled and I was asking God about “Love”. And I do believe God answered me this way, let me explain.

The 2 nurses are the “world view” of love, the cultural definition of love that you need to do this and that. The other one is the kids definition, the “unconditional love”. Think of this, Vivian loves even in the point of pain. Shane, although they are in the same age she talks like a big sister of Vivian. And Donna was there all the time, she’s just listening and observing.

Does that ring a bell? Let me give you a clue. Trinity.


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